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Analysis of objective reasons for the implementation of forestry paper integration strategy in China

the "forestry paper integration" strategy implemented in China has objective reasons of complex scientific design

although China is rich in agricultural resources, forest resources are extremely scarce. In order to save wood, the steel bar zigzag testing machine is developed according to the provisions of the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8)). China's paper industry has formed an industrial model with straw pulp as the main paper-making raw material, which is not only a vertical extension, and it is very different from the mainstream of the world's paper industry - papermaking with more than 95% wood pulp

"straw" paper is of poor quality and the processing process is polluted, resulting in poor competitiveness of the overall industry. The leaders of the State Forestry Administration once pointed out that to improve the industrial competitiveness of China's paper industry, it is necessary to adjust the product structure and focus on the development of wood pulp based paper, high-end cultural paper and high-end packaging paperboard; The key to realize the adjustment of product structure is to solve the source of wood fiber, which requires the combination of forest and paper

in 2004, the national development and Reform Commission announced the "Tenth Five Year Plan and 2010 special plan for the construction of the national forestry and paper integration project", which plans to build a fast-growing and high-yield papermaking forest base of 5million hectares in the next 10 years, increase the output of 5.5 million tons of wood pulp, increase the proportion of domestic wood pulp from the current 6% to 15%, and realize the common development of paper industry and forestry

subsequently, the forestry departments in various regions formulated corresponding implementation plans, and formulated a series of preferential policies in terms of financial support, land coordination, tax collection, etc., to encourage paper enterprises to develop upstream forestry

source: China Securities Journal

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