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Research and Analysis on the interconnection of security monitoring in China in 2013

no rules, no boundaries. In our security industry, the so-called rules are the industry standards. Standards will standardize the market, especially in today's rapid development of China's security industry, standards, like catalysts, can effectively achieve the unification and standardization of the industry and become the driving force for the security industry to move forward. Nowadays, the construction of Ping'an city is in full swing, especially driven by several batches of pilot cities. The construction of Ping'an city has gradually developed into a guarantee Exhibition for county-level units and towns below the county level. With the increase of market demand, interconnection has become a key issue. On June 1, 2012, the Ministry of Public Security issued gb/t28181 technical requirements for information transmission, exchange and control of security video surveillance joint system, It will also play a key role in the construction of a safe city. Wuyonghua, the marketing director of zhongyingxin, introduced that gb/t28181 standard is widely used in the construction of Ping'an city projects nationwide. Almost all the bidding documents of Ping'an city projects clearly require that the network video monitoring system equipment must pass the tests of the national standard

this standard specifies the interconnection structure and communication protocol structure of information transmission, exchange and control, the basic requirements and security requirements of transmission, exchange and control, as well as the technical requirements of control, transmission process and protocol interface in the security video monitoring system. It is applicable to the scheme design, system detection and acceptance of the security video monitoring system and the urban monitoring alarm system, as well as the research and development and production of related equipment. It clearly defines the communication model that should be adopted, the important data format and the compatibility scheme of the existing system, as well as the communication mode between the subsystem and the external system. It gives clear and implementable technical standards for the construction of large-scale monitoring system, especially the construction of social sharing system

for our Ping'an city project, a large number of SD analog monitoring systems involve equipment from different manufacturers, and the technical standards vary greatly, resulting in problems such as compatibility difficulties and system overload when the HD monitoring system is connected to the existing system. In addition, the construction time span of Ping'an city is long, and the overall planning of various regions is complex, which leads to great challenges in the information sharing of Ping'an city system at the provincial, municipal, county and district levels

at present, most video surveillance systems in China are actually information islands, and so is Changchun "Sky Project". The road monitoring system, especially the checkpoint system, failed to receive the information and instructions of the searched vehicle in time through the network, resulting in the suspect escaping. In addition, the bayonet system based on video surveillance, license plate recognition and other technologies is relatively "isolated". Even if there is no effective information matching for the suspicious vehicle, it will also give the suspect an opportunity to flee. The information island caused by the non connection of the monitoring system is one of the reasons why the "Sky Project" cannot work well. Just imagine that if there is an effective link, after the incident, the approximate escape direction of the suspect can be determined in time, so as not to cause the abnormal phenomenon that the suspect has already fled to Gongzhuling direction and the police are still searching the urban area. With the league, the tragedy may be stopped. It can be seen that the standard was born. 3. The sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, which will effectively solve the significance of the problems faced by the construction of a safe city

Wu Yonghua said, "In the era of simulation, hardware is king, and in the era of network, platform will be king. Software and platform products will reflect their greater value, and selling products will develop to selling solutions. In the era of simulation, the system construction is relatively simple. In the era of network, the monitoring system will no longer be a single monitoring function, especially driven by Ping'an city and smart city, security will cycle this cycle to achieve the purpose of cooling down with it, IOT, cloud computing and other technologies Integrate together to play a greater role. " Therefore, it is said that Party A and customers at the end of the security industry chain will be the biggest beneficiaries of the implementation of the standard. Others say that the implementation of standards will be an opportunity for industry reshuffle and upgrading

the National Standards Commission approved and issued two more national standards related to the security industry, the requirements for the safety prevention system of museums and cultural relics protection units, and the requirements for the safety technology prevention system of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, which fully illustrate the importance that the state attaches to the formulation of standardization. And all localities are also working hard to formulate local standards, which will further promote the firmness of accessories! Customers develop in the procurement process

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