Research and application of CAD technology for the

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Research and application of die casting die CAD technology (II)

to sum up, the following suggestions are put forward:

accelerating the research and development of independent copyright 3D die casting die CAD system is our long-term goal

although many colleges and universities, design and user units have been committed to the development and research of die-casting mold CAD, most of them are for a certain product or a certain part of the die-casting mold (more research on the gating system), and there is no truly complete and practical domestic die-casting mold CAD system. Developing an independent copyright die-casting die CAD system is a process of research and application. Whether from the connotation of the system or from the support of human, financial and material resources in the process of system development, giving full play to group advantages and taking the road of joint development, the combination of enterprises, schools (or research units) should be the best choice

to do a good job in the secondary development of die casting die CAD system of advanced CAD software (such as UG, pro/e, Solidworks, Cimatron, etc.) and improve the intelligence, integration and specialization of the software has become a practical and feasible way at present

at present, in the domestic die-casting production plants, a considerable number of small and medium-sized enterprises have poor hardware equipment, weak technical strength, small production scale and various varieties, and basically do not realize the computer-aided design of die-casting mold. The CAD of die-casting die of some large enterprises also directly adopts the general software that has been proved by the research at home and abroad from abroad, such as pro/e, UG, etc. In terms of technical support, the operation of these software is too complex, requiring high requirements for technicians and hardware equipment; In terms of practicality, they are generally general software for mold design, which cannot be specialized. In this way, they cannot really achieve the computer-aided design of die-casting mold, and often can only stay on the computer-aided drawing; In line with China's national conditions, the vast majority of foreign software does not provide a Chinese interface, and the generated engineering drawings have to be modified to meet China's national standards; In terms of price, the high investment of these high-end software is an important factor that restricts the popularization and application of computer-aided design technology of die-casting die. Therefore, it will be a good direction to choose some low-cost software as the platform for the secondary development of the die-casting die CAD system

for example, taking SolidEdge software as the development platform, according to the characteristics of die-casting mold design, combined with COM components, database and other technologies, visual c++6.0 language is used for development. It should include dynamic and fixed formwork design; Side core pulling mechanism design; Design of positioning and guiding mechanism; Introduce reset mechanism design and other modules. It mainly establishes the database of the general structure of the die-casting die, generates the corresponding sketch, designs and calculates the mechanism of each part of the die-casting die through the selection of parameters according to the product shape, finally designs and assembles the die-casting die, and simulates the closing and opening actions in the form of animation. In this way, through the secondary development of gradually plugging the water distribution points, this general software is more localized and professional, and has become a perfect, convenient and practical design tool for die-casting mold designers, so as to effectively improve the design quality and shorten the development cycle, which will be welcomed by the majority of die-casting enterprises

whether it is to research and develop the independently copyrighted CA shutdown inspection normal D system of die-casting die, or to carry out the secondary development of die-casting die CAD with imported software, it should ensure that the system has both good versatility and broad application scope. Especially for large, precise and complex die-casting dies, can they meet the design requirements. The ideas of standardization, parameterization and intelligence are applied to the development of the system to reduce design errors and shorten the design cycle, so as to improve the design efficiency

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