Discussion on the visual feeling of posters with t

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Discussion on the visual perception of posters with UV light and PP fog light IV

IV. visual perception of color I. color response

color perception is a very powerful emotion in the visual process, because the visual response to color is strong and immediate. Color can associate, act as a symbol, and manipulate feelings All kinds of emotions are easily triggered

red -- excited, it reveals a high degree of dignity and serious expression

green -- it reminds people of natural freshness, comfort and absolute tranquility

quiet and solemn It is the calmest of all colors

blue -- cool as water, feeling more passive, but it also conveys two contradictory emotions of stimulation and peace

yellow -- it is happy, gentle, charming, sunny, more proactive,

produce an active and hard-working attitude

white represents pure peace and leisure

these visual responses to color are the products of additional interpretation derived from learning

2. Cold and warm, light and dark in vision

dark colors -- produce a sense of orthodoxy, majesty, authority and hardness. Bright tone -- it will appear light, psychological no pressure, easy to be close, relaxed and happy. (Lai Yihui's color plan)

Third, visual communication

visual language uses visual elements "form" and "color" as the main vocabulary of visual communication. Due to the commonality of human visual experience, this communication method derived from artistic form has become a communication method with more communication function and efficiency than language. (Wang Qimin's visual creative thinking and methods)

the creation of posters is free, the content and form are more complex, and the function is more persuasive and informative. The visual communication of "form" and "color" is high, which can narrow people's cognitive gap. After many tensile experiments, the tensile strength and plastic characteristics of materials can be measured, and other samples can also make the visual communication effect more vivid and wonderful! (to be continued)

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