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Suzhou Hyundai Weiya l280 spiral machine tool chip conveyor products

Suzhou Hyundai Weiya l280 spiral machine tool chip conveyor products

Shandong deshengke CNC Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is specialized in CNC machine tools It is a modern high-tech enterprise that develops, manufactures and sells supporting products of mechanical equipment. For many years, adhering to the concept of "brand is gold, service is heart", it has become a unique school in the fierce market competition, and has become a domestic large, full specification, quality, technology industrialization base of machine tool accessories

the width of the chain plate is diversified, providing flexibility and effective application. High intensity, stable and quiet. The compact design can effectively prevent debris from adhering and remove debris. The damage caused by improper torque limit setting and effective operation. The structural stability of the steel plate protective cover design can be used to protect the spindle of the screw rod column and other circular columns of the screw protective cover. It can be used horizontally or vertically in the United States, Japan and South Korea. When used horizontally, it is recommended to use plastic or aluminum support rings, and the steel plate protective cover should keep a certain uniform distance between the inner cavity of the cover and the screw rod, with a long service life. When the stretching length is large, metal rings can be added to each compromise to ensure the stability of the shield

Suzhou Hyundai Weiya l280 spiral machine tool chip conveyor products

the company has strong technical and manufacturing strength, and has a group of experts, engineering and technical talents, management talents, and advanced numerical control equipment with decades of practice. With strict quality management system and perfect service system, the realization of new technology with strong product quality and after-sales service can enable people to carry out various activities in a more "smart" way. Our products are widely used in CNC machine tools, mechanical equipment, automation equipment, hoisting machinery and other fields, and are loved by users

Application and classification of chip conveyor 274 cable tray for electric power distribution. The chip removal machine is mainly used to collect all kinds of metal and non-metal waste generated by the machine and transfer the waste to the collection vehicle. It can be widely used in chip conveying of CNC machine tools, modular machine tools, machining centers, specialized machine tools, assembly lines and automatic lines. The chip removal machine is an indispensable tool for modern equipment. The machine has streamlined shape, beautiful and generous, smooth chip removal, small size, high efficiency, stable transportation, safety, reliability, low noise, overload protection function, and automatic chain tightness

machine tool chip removal machine manufacturing process blanking is to cut thick materials into bad materials as needed. Many sheet metal blanking can be divided into shear milling, punching, oxygen cutting and laser cutting according to the type and working principle of machine tools. Our company mainly adopts shear punching and laser cutting, and shearing mainly uses shear machines to cut plates with straight edges, It is required to cut the straightness and parallelism of the surface and twist the plate as much as possible. Blanking is mainly carried out by using numerical control punch or ordinary punch and blanking die. Laser cutting is carried out by using laser cutting equipment to cut the plate continuously. It is characterized by high efficiency, high precision and manual forming. With the continuous development of production and technological progress, The vast majority of the forming process is completed on the machine, and manual work is often used as supplementary processing or finishing work, but in the case of single piece production, or some complex shapes of zero

the types of chip conveyor include scraper chip conveyor, chain plate chip conveyor, magnetic chip conveyor and spiral chip conveyor. The scraper type chip conveyor has a wide selection range of conveying speed, high working efficiency and diversified effective chip removal width, which can provide sufficient selection range; The chain plate chip conveyor is mainly used to collect and transport all kinds of roll, ball and block chips, as well as copper chips, aluminum chips, stainless steel chips, carbon blocks, nylon and other materials that cannot be solved by the magnetic chip conveyor; The profit space of the enterprises of magnetic chip removal machine has been greatly reduced. The large adsorption capacity of each group of magnetic materials is fixed, and the chip removal capacity can be changed according to the conveying speed and the spacing of each group of magnetic materials; The spiral chip conveyor has the advantages of compact structure, small space occupation, convenient installation and use, few transmission links and extremely low failure rate. It is especially suitable for machine tools with narrow chip removal space and other chip removal forms that are difficult to install

how to avoid chip sticking in chip conveyor? Most friends who use chip conveyor have encountered chip sticking in chip conveyor. Due to the variety of debris transported by the chip conveyor, there are coiled, lumpy chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, stainless steel chips and other materials. This is also the main reason. The chip conveyor rotates too fast. Chip removal width magnetic block distance or scraper speed distance. When the chip removal width and distance are certain, the rise and fall of the rotating speed determines the size of the chip removal amount, so the chip removal amount will increase wear. In use, this device uses the magnetic force of the strong magnetic field generated by permanent magnetic materials to adsorb the chips on the working magnetic plate of the chip conveyor, or adsorb and separate the granular powder and iron chips with a length ≤ mm in the emulsion in the oil, and transport them to the chip conveyor or chip collecting box

features of scraper type chip conveyor 1. Scraper type chip conveyor is small in size and high in efficiency; It is suitable for removing copper, aluminum, cast iron and other debris. The width of the scraper is diversified, providing flexibility and effective application. The solid scraper combination, high strength, coordination, stability and quietness, and the torque limit setting effectively prevent the damage caused by improper operation. 2. The main material of the scraper chip conveyor is welded with A3 cold plate of the thickness required by the customer, which is connected and assembled as a whole, without leakage. Filter with slit plate and self-cleaning brush. The chain is made of international 31.75mm or 50.8mm two-way connection. The conveying scraper is made of 1crl8 stainless steel and imported polyurethane adhesive strips. 3. The thickness of the scraper depends on the requirements. The chain is connected with the scraper (stainless steel self-locking screw) for easy replacement. The bottom of the scraper adopts 1crl8 stainless steel (non magnetic) plate with the thickness required by the customer as the separation layer between the magnetic plate and the scraper, and the bottom is inlaid with neodymium iron boron material magnet imported from Brazil

the bending technology of steel plate protective cover is developed by designers after years of research, and plays an important role in the production of protective cover. We are equipped with polyurethane or brass sliders when the running speed of the steel protective cover is below m/min. Equipped with rollers below medium speed m/min. A buffer system is also required between the drive plate, the chip scraper and the chip suction plate, with the intention of reducing knock noise and conflict. The number of sections of steel shield is very important to its share and operating characteristics. So what are the specific requirements for the bending technology of steel plate protective cover. The bending coefficient in bending technology refers to the extension value of the plate during bending, which is mainly determined by the bending angle of the plate thickness and the opening size of the lower die

performance and characteristics of chain plate chip conveyor 1. It can handle all kinds of chips; It can also be used as a conveyor for small parts of stamping and cold pier machine tools. 2. High conveying efficiency and wide selection range of conveying speed; 3. The width of chain plate is diversified, and the structural form is divided into seamless chain plate and slotted chain plate. 4. Streamlined shape, beautiful and generous, and smooth chip removal. 5. It has overload protection function

chain plate chip conveyor is widely used in CNC machine tools, modular machine tools, machining centers, specialized machine tools, assembly lines, automatic lines and other chips, as well as long-distance chip transportation of large machine tools and production lines. Product description of chain plate chip conveyor this device has a high degree of serialization, generalization and standardization, simple operation, reliable operation, convenient disassembly and easy maintenance. It can also be combined with other chip removal devices to form cutting processing systems in various forms

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