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"Sustainability" project - realize the optimization of fiber packaging

in the field of packaging, the concept of "sustainability" has become more and more important. Many packaging materials can be considered "sustainable", and the basic point of realizing the optimization of fiber packaging is also "sustainability". At present, the largest single project under implementation in this field is called sustainpack ("continuous packaging"). More than half of the total funding of 30million euros for the project comes from the European Union. This project brings together 35 commercial and non-commercial partners. nbsp;

the total implementation period of the project is four years, and the content of the first year has been completed. It brings together many sub projects. These sub projects cover a wide range and are difficult to summarize, but they include material reduction and Research on nanomaterials (nanomaterials) combined with "traditional" fibers as performance reinforcement materials

Kenneth Johnson of STFI packforsk is coordinating with the "continuous packaging" project, and he emphasized the overall nature of the project. Implement fiscal and tax preferential policies such as tax incentives for new material high-tech enterprises, additional deduction of R & D expenses, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets and subsidies for enterprises after R & D investment. Although different R & D approaches are adopted, he stressed that different projects are "moving towards a common goal." He also emphasized the significance of this collaborative effort in practical applications: "our purpose is to prove that you can create various performances on a package that specifically uses renewable resources." A year has passed, and Johnson is already looking forward to these concrete results. He explained: "we are changing to make this project from simply for research to increasingly driven by the market." In order to achieve this goal, many cooperative researchers are working on relief photography and visual examples. "We will propose, for example, 20 examples for the goals we are trying to achieve."

the contribution of Spain's itene Institute is to study the compatibility of fiber, Nan oclay and polymer for fiber-based films. The Valencia based organization also considered how to adjust the mechanical and chemical properties of these films to meet different end use requirements. The representative of VTT of Finland said that VTT was conducting research on mobile diagnostic equipment for fiber-based packaging. Professor Tom linstrom, the director of STFI packforsk project, said that the main goal of this project in Sweden. "It aims to improve the mechanosorptive creep of vermicelli paperboard; for liquid packaging, improve the folding resistance of paperboard, so that 30% less materials can be used." Lin strom said, "mechanosorptive creep and crack resistance are key parameters, and so far these two parameters cannot be measured. However, now the paper mechanics team here has the appropriate tools to measure enough performance.

as for the new paper performance, this will sooner or later cause a disruptive effect in the market." Business partners also participate in the project to a large extent. Jerina javinan is the manager of StoraEnso Food Packaging Council in Finland. She explained, "we are now talking about promoting the facilitation of" business start-up "and considering adopting economic management methods and optimizing those isolation layers." Iapri's internal and external organizations are closely watching the "continuous packaging" project. Linstrom believes that the balance between different types of research in such projects is very important. "The key is to have a working mechanism fixed with the help of a fixed clip from the beginning, and then add some high-risk and large investment projects, just like the seasoning added to the pie."

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