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Introduction welding positioner has quietly become an indispensable equipment in the manufacturing industry, and it is classified as a welding auxiliary machine in the welding field. In the past ten years, this product has developed greatly in China's construction machinery industry and has been widely used. In terms of type series and variety specifications, there are more than 10 series and more than 100 varieties and specifications that have been published, and a small industry is forming. The author hopes that this product can develop healthily, orderly and rapidly; Enterprises can compete on an equal technology. In China and even in the world, the basic concept, type and classification, main technical parameters of welding positioner are not unified. There are even some dimensional confusion problems. The author hopes to have a unified understanding

in people's eyes, welding positioner may be regarded as an insignificant product. However, internationally, there are more than 100 series, including products with various functions. There are ordinary ones in technology; Servo control type with gapless transmission; The rated load range of the product is 0.1kn ~ 18000 kn. It can be said that the welding positioner is a product with many varieties, high technical level and complete development of small, medium and large products. This paper hopes to give him a proper technical positioning

2 Introduction to the development of welding positioners at home and abroad

this paper is not a monograph on the development of welding positioners at home and abroad. Starting from the above research purposes, I will only make a brief introduction here. Generally speaking, most of the manufacturers that produce welding operators, roller frames, welding systems and other welding equipment actively participate in the production of welding positioners; Most manufacturers of welding robots produce welding positioners for robots. However, enterprises with welding positioner as the leading product are very rare. Severt company in Germany, aroson company in the United States, Tianjin Dingsheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in China are typical enterprises producing welding positioners. Clos in Germany, IgM in Austria and Panasonic robot in Japan all produce welding positioners for servo control and robots. The following only introduces the positioner type and the first main parameter

2.2 German severt company

the company mainly produces 8 types of products, of which 7 are welding positioners. Each type of welding positioner, according to its function, includes four products: basic type, speed regulating type, CNC program-controlled type and robot supporting type

⑴ S10 type, including s10.1, 2, 3, 4 and other four product series. Namely: ① L-type double rotary type, L-type double rotary lifting type; ② L-type double rotation tipping type, L-type double rotation tipping lifting type; ③2 × L-type double rotary, 2 × L-type double rotary lifting type; ④2 × L-type double swing tipping type, 2 × L-type double swing tilting lifting type

⑵ type S20, including type s20.1 and type 2 product series. Namely: ① single seat single rotary type, single seat single rotary lifting type; ② Type C double rotary type

⑶ S30 type, including s30.1 and type 2 product series. Namely: ① vertical single rotation; ② Vertical single rotary double station

⑷ S40, including s40.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and other seven product series. Namely: ① double seat single rotation split type; ② Double seat head and tail single rotary type; ③ H-type double seat double rotary type; ④ Double seat head and tail single rotary tailstock mobile type; ⑤ Two seat head tail tilting tailstock mobile type; ⑥ Double seat 3-axis single rotary type; ⑦ Single seat rolling ring single rotary type, double seat rolling ring single rotary tailstock mobile type

(5) S50 type: including s50.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 types, 7 multi axis (degree of freedom) product series. Namely: ① vertical 3-axis single rotation duplex position; ② Vertical single rotation double station 2 × Tipping - Rotary (5-axis); ③ Vertical single rotation multi station 2 × L-type double rotary type (5-axis); ④ Vertical single rotation double station 2 × L-type double rotary tipping type (7-axis); ⑤ Vertical single rotation double station 2 × Double seat single rotary type (3-axis); ⑥ Vertical single rotation double station 2 × C-type double rotary type (5-axis); ⑦ Vertical single rotation double station 2 × Horizontal single seat single rotation (3-axis)

type (6) S60: including two product series of s60.1 and type 2. Namely: ① overturn - Rotary (0 ° ~ 90 °); ② Tipping - Rotary (± 90 °)

⑺ S70: including three product series of s70.1, 2 and 3. Namely: ① vertical multi station 4-axis (4 degrees of freedom) single rotation; ② Vertical multi station 2 × Tipping -- Rotary (6 degrees of freedom); ③ Vertical 4-position vertical 4-axis single rotation

there are 33 product types above, and each type includes products with the above four functions, equivalent to 132 product series. The rated load is 100dn ~ 10kdn

2.2 American aroson company

the welding equipment produced by American aroson company includes welding positioner, operator, roller frame, etc., which can be called the world's largest. The main types of welding positioners produced by this company are tilting rotary, tilting rotary lifting, double seat double rotary, double seat single rotary and double seat single rotary lifting. Its bearing capacity ranges from 11 kg to 1810 tons

⑴ manual double return type. C series, models C1000, 2000, 4000. The bearing capacity is 25 pounds to 4000 pounds

⑵ small tipping rotary type. LD series, models LD 60N, 150n and 300N, with bearing capacity of 132 pounds, 330 pounds and 660 pounds respectively

⑶ tipping rotary, tipping angle 135 °. D. HD series, with a bearing capacity of 314 pounds to 70000 pounds

⑷ tilting slewing (pin changing) positioning lifting type, with a tilting angle of 135 °. AB series (30 ~ ab1200), bearing capacity 4300 ~ 120000 pounds

(5) tipping slewing (gear rack) stepless lifting type, Ge series, tipping angle 135 °, model (ge25 ~ ge3500, with a bearing capacity of 2500 ~ 350000 pounds.

(6) tilting rotary, with a tilting angle of 90 °, G series, g400 ~ g4-mega type, with a bearing capacity of 4000 ~ 4million pounds. The iron content is inherently low.

(7) double seat double rotary, DCG series, with a maximum product bearing capacity of 500 tons.

8) single rotary HTS series, hts5, 9, 12, 20, 32, 40, 50, 60, 90, 160, 240, with a bearing capacity of 500 ~ 240000 pounds.

the (9) single swing (rack and pinion) lifting type, HTS Ge series, hts5 Ge, HTS 240ge, with a bearing capacity of 500 pounds to 240000 pounds

2.3 Germany lcoos company

Germany lcoos company is one of the large companies producing welding equipment in the world. Production of welding robots, welding machines and other products. It also produces welding positioners as external shafts of welding robots. In China, in addition to the L-type double rotary, tilting rotary and single rotary positioners imported with the welding robot system, we also produce horizontal single sitting single rotary WPV, vertical single rotary rr502 and positioners supporting various multi axis welding robots, such as vertical multi position 2 × Horizontal single rotation r-wpv type 2 (3-axis), vertical multi station 2 × C-type double rotary r-wpv2-cd (5 degrees of freedom), vertical multi station 2 × Tipping rotary gr-wpk 2 (5-axis), vertical multi station 2 × Tip swing × Single circuit mobile rotary gr-wpk 2-CD (9-axis), etc. The main parameters of these products, max. allowable load capacity, are expressed in n

2.4 Panasonic of Japan

Panasonic of Japan is also a robot manufacturing company. This company produces 12 series of robot external equipment - welding positioner. They have made the transmission device, base and clamp concrete into standard modules and assembled these product series. It is classified according to the number of axles and structural type. There are 3 series of 1-axis positioner, namely: vertical single rotation, horizontal single seat single rotation, double seat single rotation; There are five series of 2-axis positioner, namely: C, l, h, quasi-l double rotary and 2 × Horizontal single seat single rotary type; 3-axis positioner has 3 series, namely: vertical multi station 2 × Vertical single rotation, horizontal multi station 2 × Two seat single rotary, 2 × Horizontal single seat single rotary type; 5-axis positioner has 1 series, vertical multi station 2 × L-type double rotary type. Maximum payload: 200kg, 500kg, 1000kg

2.5 product introduction of domestic positioner

now there are many manufacturers of welding positioner in China, most of which are not large-scale. Enterprises developed with positioner as the leading product have not yet formed. The positioners produced by Tianjin Dingsheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi Yangtong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., Changsha Haipu company, Weida automatic welding equipment company and other units occupy a large market in China. By 2000, there were more than 70 varieties and specifications of positioner products developed in China. The basic types of these positioners are briefly described below

⑴ full double rotary type. Including L, H (double seat), C-type double rotary (bz2-, bz2a-, bz2b-, bz2d Series)

⑵ tilting rotary welding positioner (bz2c Series)

⑶ single rotary welding displacement. It includes three types: double seat single rotary type (bz-, bz1--, bza--, bza1-- Series), double seat single rotary tailstock mobile type (bzy--, bzay-, bza1y Series), single seat single rotary type (vertical bzal-, bzl-, horizontal bzw-, bzaw inclined bZAX Series)

the above basic products have developed 17 series, mainly ordinary products, which are used for handle welding. In addition, there are speed regulation type, joint control type (PLC, microcomputer control) and robot supporting products

more than ten varieties of positioners have been developed for use with welding robots. Including: position changing positioner (not involved in welding), such as vertical double position, four position, eight position positioner, double seat single rotary eight position and tilting rotary double position positioner, etc; The welding positioner (external axis of the robot) is matched with the robot, such as tilting rotary servo drive, double seat single rotary servo drive, multi axis single rotary servo drive, etc

3 discussion on several basic definitions of welding positioner

3.1 definition of welding positioner

in China, welding positioner is a young product. Due to the difference in the development level between manufacturing industries, many enterprises' welding stations have not been equipped with welding positioners; At the same time, the relevant research is also relatively weak. So far, there is no special work to study its definition and classification. When I created it, I didn't deliberately think about their significance and value categories. It is impossible to normalize its appellation. Different enterprises and people may have different names for the same equipment. Such as: rotating tire, turntable, overturning frame, positioner, positioner, etc. Therefore, we need to give it a definition. We call it: the equipment used to drag the workpiece to be welded and make the weld to be welded move to the ideal position for welding operation, which is called welding positioner. In other words, the workpiece is clamped on a device for welding. The initial position of the weld to be welded may be in any direction of space. After the rotary displacement movement, the weld to be welded in any direction will become ship fillet welding, flat welding or flat fillet welding. The equipment that completes this function is called welding positioner. It changes the welding operation that may require vertical welding, overhead welding and other welding operations that are difficult to ensure the welding quality. Thus, the welding quality is guaranteed, and the welding productivity and the safety of the production process are improved

3.2 main degree of freedom and full-function welding positioner

it is certain that if a positioner drags the weldment and only makes linear motion, even if it is three-dimensional, it is impossible to change the posture of the weld to meet the welding requirements. In other words, the displacement motion is a rotary motion, which is called the main degree of freedom of the positioner. You can also do such a thing

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