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Suzhou Tiantian PLC training center

in July 2012, Tiantian automation PLC Training Center (Suzhou headquarters) obtained the skill certificate from China Electrotechnical Society [Omron Automation (China) administered group] and became the only designated certification authority of OMRON

the above picture is the certificate sample

the development history of Suzhou Tiantian automation PLC training center:

I: introduction to Tiantian PLC training base

Tiantian PLC training base is a domestic professional industrial control training institution, mainly training the skills training of various brands of PLC, frequency converter, touch screen, servo, pneumatic and hydraulic; Provide long-term systematic training courses for technicians, engineers and college students who want to engage in industrial control design and system transformation. At the same time, it also provides

factory practice, recommended work, etc. Excellent students can also stay and hire every day. Lecturer: engineers with many years of design experience, project managers, and their current

field adjustment (2) the cooling device is a tester set to ensure that the plastic is within the temperature range required by the process. There are also senior technical consultants working in Siemens, Schneider, AB, Mitsubishi, etc. First of all, they love the industrial control industry and regard industrial control training as their lifelong career. They are professional, persistent, progressive, purposeful and passionate

tt PLC training center is a professional industrial control training institutions, here we provide variable brands PLC, inverter, touch screen, servo, pneumatic and other skills training; providing long-term systematic training courses for technicians, engineers, college students engaged in industrial control design, system transformation. Also is committed to developing energy-saving and environment-friendly high-function materials, provides practice in factory The trainer in our center: they have years of experience in the design engineering, project management, and program debugging in factory. We also have some senior technology consultants from Siemens, Schneider, AB, Mitsubishi. They all love the industrial control, they look industrial control training as their lifelong ey are professional, dedicated, motivated, responsible, and with passion.

every day's course development is designed and regularly upgraded according to the actual needs of enterprises. Several other negative electrode material companies are grabbing about 1/3 of the market share. Knowledge is constantly improving and courses are constantly updated. Every day training has achieved that there are training courses every day, so that you can learn as you arrive, and you are not proficient in one period, and you can resume and strengthen it for free in the next period

The training causes in our center are designed according to the business requirements and the causes are updated from time to time.

in 2006, Tiantian PLC training center was established and officially opened

in 2007, Ningbo Tiantian was established jointly with Ningbo Vocational and technical college

in 2008, he established Shanghai with the training center of Shanghai radio and television group. He insisted that Tiantian and Qingdao university should establish Qingdao Tiantian

in 2009, it was sponsored by Siemens 300000 teaching equipment

in 2010, Wenzhou Tiantian was established jointly with Zhejiang Chunhua education group, and Siemens' 1.6 million high-end teaching equipment was obtained again

in 2011, the scale of Tiantian Suzhou headquarters training base was expanded to 1300 square meters

Shanghai Jinxing vocational and technical school, a new base of 200 square meters, is built every day in Shanghai, and has obtained the only right to use the PLC Laboratory of the Shanghai government's high skilled talent training base at present

receive two sets of three-axis servo equipment delivered by Suzhou Samsung LCD for teaching at the same time every day

in 2012, Omron laboratory officially issued a free sponsorship letter for two years

the only qualification to pass the training subsidy for highly skilled talents (PLC talent training) of Shanghai Labor Bureau

in the middle of April, one LCD line of Suzhou lexuan technology was obtained for teaching

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