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Suzhou reported the inspection of the net content of quantitatively packed goods

the so-called quantitatively packed goods refer to the goods that have been packaged in a single piece and marked with weight, volume or length before sale. For example, when producing flour, the manufacturer should indicate the net content of each bag of flour on the packaging bag. Due to the quantitative construction cycle of 3 to 5 years, and the construction of packaged goods in three phases, when they are sold, they are not weighed and measured on site, which is prone to the problem of insufficient measurement. In order to strengthen the measurement supervision and management of quantitatively packed goods, crack down on the illegal measurement of short weight, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision recently launched a supervision and inspection of the net content of quantitatively packed goods in the city. The inspection is now reported as follows:

the focus of this inspection is on quantitatively packaged goods sold in supermarkets, shopping malls and market fairs, especially rice, noodles, soy sauce, vinegar, beverages and other foods that are closely related to the lives of consumers. A total of 457 law enforcement personnel were dispatched to inspect 33 markets and 461 supermarket outlets. A total of 372 batches of goods were inspected, 91 batches were sampled and 52 batches were qualified, with a batch qualification rate of 57.14%. The overall situation is not optimistic. Among them, the qualified rate of the net content of flour and condiments is the best, which is 100%. The batch qualification rates of vinegar and beverages were also high, 90.25% and 92.86% respectively. The qualified rate of the net content batch of noodles was the lowest, only 26.2%. Among them, Zhu Jie, Dayang Township, Si county, sold egg noodles marked with "Liming", indicating that the net content of a single piece was 50g for the troubleshooting of 3 mechanical fatigue spring testing machine. The measured maximum deviation of a single piece was -45g and the average deviation was -37.3g, which was seriously insufficient. The qualified rate of net content of other products is between 60% and 80%

the main reasons for the lack of weight of quantitatively packaged goods are: 1. Some small-scale or family workshop production enterprises are prone to measurement deviation because of poor production equipment, the measuring instruments used cannot be regularly verified and lack of measurement assurance ability; 2. Individual enterprises have a weak awareness of the legal system of measurement, deliberately deceive consumers, and deliberately deduct two pounds when packaging by taking advantage of the characteristics that it is not convenient to weigh and measure quantitatively packaged goods on site when they are sold; 3. Some distribution enterprises lack the necessary testing equipment, the purchase control is not strict, and the net content of the distribution goods is not tested, resulting in some goods with insufficient content entering the circulation link

the quality supervision department dealt with the problems found in the inspection according to law and ordered relevant enterprises to rectify immediately. At present, the rectification work of relevant enterprises is in progress

statement: there is dirt or excessive clearance between the steel ball of the buffer valve and the inlet

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