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core tip: many people will have such questions, what is the initial contaminating bacteria? In fact, the initial contaminated bacteria are generally the estimated bioburden of the product to be sterilized. The detection of initial contaminating bacteria is also a microorganism

many people will have such questions, what is the initial contaminating bacteria? In fact, the initial contaminated bacteria are generally the estimated bioburden of the product to be sterilized. The detection of initial contaminating bacteria is also a microbial limit test, which refers to an inspection method that ensures the continuous supply of sterilized products and raw materials, auxiliary materials and finished products before sterilization. Esacomp software is used to design and analyze composite materials, including the inspection of bacterial contamination and control bacteria, that is, the usual colony count, coliform group and pathogenic bacteria inspection. It also provides a sterilization reference index for specified sterilized products. The control of initial contaminating bacteria should strengthen the control of contaminating bacteria in production environment, production personnel, production equipment and water production equipment, reduce pollution sources, and thus reduce the number of initial contaminating bacteria of products The initial contaminating bacteria is used to ensure the sterilization effect, and the initial contaminating bacteria is also used to determine the sterilization dose

however, high microbial load content in the initial packaging or unstable uncontrolled stage will often bring a series of risks to the final sterilization process of medical devices. For example, the increase of sterilization dose and the longer sterilization time will also affect the performance of the product itself, which will directly lead to the failure of the packaging verification process. The real meaning of clean packaging includes not only the dust and dander visible to the naked eye, but also the microorganisms and insoluble particles under the microscope. The invisible is the most difficult to control. The existence of microorganisms always poses certain risks when medical devices reach the end customers ----- hospitals and consumers. It should be clear that there are several main experimental methods of spring testing machine: force measurement through deformation. Therefore, we should pay attention to the status of contaminating bacteria, business selling and high-value cooperation with SABIC to control the initial contaminating bacteria

Suzhou chuangjie packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. initiated the concept of sterile packaging of medical blister boxes as a domestic manufacturer of blister packaging of medical devices that controls the initial contaminating bacteria and takes this process as the basis for shipment. Why do they take this strategy and action without customer requirements

first of all, clean room or clean room certification does not mean that clean blister boxes can be produced. At present, many people in the industry pay attention to the relevant qualification certification when auditing manufacturers, and ignore the real-time control of the clean plant. You know, it's not difficult to invest in clean rooms. What's valuable is continuous management and control technology and ability

secondly, many medical device manufacturers pay attention to sterilization and despise the requirements and control of initial packaging. It is believed that sterilization can be ensured as long as it is sterilized by ethylene oxide or irradiation, but the heat source of microorganisms still has a negative effect on human body that cannot be underestimated. In particular, implant materials and three types of medical devices should be particularly careful when using initial packaging products

in addition, a clean environment is not equal to a controllable microbial content. This is the biggest difference between the microelectronics industry and the medical device industry in terms of initial packaging requirements. In addition to environmental factors, the impact of people, machines, materials and methods on the final product cannot be ignored. A little carelessness will cause the number of colonies (CFU) to exceed the standard. In the spirit of morality and law, Suzhou chuangjie has been continuously specializing in microbial control methods. In order to better meet the needs of customers and the market, and to keep improving itself, chuangjie company has improved the control ability of product accuracy and uniformity by using international advanced thickness and tension measurement technology

Suzhou chuangjie packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. will serve every customer with high-quality service and preferential prices. And with the spirit of medical ingenuity, we produce every product to create the technology of blister packaging "box" core

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