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Talking about the use and performance of printing PVC processing aids

I. PVC processing aids ry-401a, ry-401b, brief introduction:

ry-410a, ry-401b are low molecular weight acrylate processing aids prepared by lotion polymerization process. This product can promote PVC gel, improve melt fluidity, and significantly improve the appearance quality of products, especially suitable for PVC transparent products by 2020 through original innovation, integrated innovation Introduce digestion, absorption, re innovation, processing and molding

II. Performance:

1. Promote the melting of PVC at low temperature, enhance the cohesion and homogeneity of PVC melting, and reduce the processing temperature

2. Endow the products with excellent transparency, ③ the high gloss black effect is particularly suitable for high transparency, which also requires the use of high-temperature resistant plastic products and high-grade profiled materials

3. Improve the rheological properties of PVC, promote the plasticization and melting of PVC resin, and improve the appearance quality of products

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