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Suzhou International Rubber and plastic and packaging technology and equipment exhibition was held in August. 2006 Suzhou International Rubber and plastic and packaging technology and equipment exhibition will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center, modern Avenue Expo Plaza, Suzhou Industrial Park from August 23 to 26, 2006

Suzhou is a famous historical and cultural city in China and an important scenic tourism city. It is one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River Delta. Since ancient times, it has the reputation of "heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below"

Suzhou is one of the fastest growing and most competitive cities. In the first half of 2004, the news of "bidding for private banks" contributed greatly to the release of economic development statistics. Suzhou's economic indicators took another big step forward: the total GDP increased by 18%, reaching 163.036 billion yuan, surpassing Shenzhen (151.9 billion yuan), ranking fourth in the total GDP of large and medium-sized cities in the country, and closely following Beijing (191.03 billion yuan) and Guangzhou (186.554 billion yuan), two traditional megacities. For a prefecture level city with a population of 5.83 million, the economic scale of Suzhou is a miracle

"such a hair spring change experimental machine is a high-precision instrument with the separation of light, machine and electricity, and the development speed cannot be seen to slow down." The Policy Research Office of Suzhou municipal government said that due to the productive investment of hundreds of billions of yuan in the past two years, these funds will be converted into GDP figures in the next few years. Therefore, the momentum of rapid GDP growth in Suzhou will continue, and may surpass Beijing and Guangzhou and become the economic "Big Mac" City second only to Shanghai before 2008. At present, 90 world top 500 multinational companies have invested in Suzhou, which has become an important manufacturing and R & D industrial base in China

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