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Xiuqiang shares will enrich its product line

on February 19, xiuqiang shares released its 2020 annual report and profit distribution plan. In 2020, the company achieved a slight increase in revenue and a slight decline in profits, and did not distribute profits

2021 is the starting point of the second decade after the listing of xiuqiang shares, and it is also an important year for it to plan for new development. The company said it would further expand markets in North America and the European Union on the premise of stabilizing its domestic market share. At the same time, xiuqiang will continue to enrich its product matrix and expand new profit growth points. It can not only reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

January 13, 2021 is the tenth anniversary of the listing of xiuqiang shares. 2021 is an important year for the company to stand at a new starting point for the second decade and plan for new development. After years of market development and mining, the company has established a broad customer base at home and abroad, forming a good market reputation and brand effect. In 2021, xiuqiang will focus on the development of glass deep-processing products for smart home appliances, new energy and consumer electronics. The company will also pay close attention to the development trend of the above market areas, actively expand product application fields and markets, optimize the company's product system and market layout, and concentrate resources to develop more new markets and new customers with development potential and profitability. In the domestic market, the company has a stable market share; In the field of foreign markets, according to its own development, the company comprehensively analyzes the international market competition and market demand, and further develops markets in North America and the European Union based on high-quality customer resources

in addition, the company will focus on exploring new development opportunities for glass in the fields of smart appliances, new energy and consumer electronics. In the field of home appliance glass, with the rapid development and popularization of new technologies such as IOT and Internet, intelligent home appliance products continue to emerge. Intellectualization and high-end have become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of China's home appliance industry and the realization of sustainable development. As the second major supplier of polylactic acid (PLA) for customers' home appliance glass products, the company, while stabilizing its existing business and market, We are also actively exploring the R & D and upgrading of products to the functional direction, and gradually develop to the direction of smart home appliance glass

in the field of new energy, the company and its strategic partner Baoding Jiasheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. play a synergistic effect of interoperability and complementarity in the field of BIPV, jointly promote the improvement of the power generation efficiency of BIPV photovoltaic power generation system, and win the market through high-quality products and services; In the field of consumer electronics, strengthen the R & D tightness with relevant 3C enterprises, timely launch a new generation of electronic glass products that meet customer requirements. In 2010, it accounted for about 40% of the global market, enrich the company's product matrix and application fields, and expand new profit growth points

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