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Xiuqiang shares plans to invest 100million yuan in the construction of coated glass project

xiuqiang shares [-1.40% capital research report] (300160, closing price of 9.16 yuan) today announced that the company plans to use the listed surplus over raised funds of a total of 109million yuan to build large-scale high transmission visible light ar coated glass project. The company plans to take this opportunity to become the leading domestic manufacturer in this field, so as to seize the market opportunity

according to the feasibility report of the project, the project can achieve an annual output of 600000 square meters. As the second batch of strategic emerging industry convergence development base in the province, Suixi economic development zone can produce ar coated glass. The product will be mainly used as 4k2k LCD protective glass. The target of the product is the protective glass of 4k2k LCD of 55 ~85 inches. The application field of the product is mainly to make supporting protective glass for large screen TVs, electronic whiteboards and 4k2k LCD of other sizes

xiuqiang shares said that the physical resolution of the liquid crystal flat panel display launched on the market has reached 4k2k display. 4k2k LCD requires the protective glass to have higher transmission performance, and ordinary protective glass is no longer suitable for the protective glass of the display. At present, there is no LCD protective glass product that meets these performance indicators in the domestic market. Because 1. Understand the function of parts, the company invested in the construction of large-size high transmission visible light ar coated glass production line with a size of more than 55 inches, which is of positive significance to fill the product gap, meet the market demand, and expand the market space of coated glass

the daily economy notes that the design capacity of the project is 600000 square meters/year. Considering the different product sizes, the actual sales volume is calculated at 300000 pieces/year (converted by 70 inches), and the sales price is calculated at 450 yuan/piece. After the project is completed, the average annual sales revenue can be achieved. 1. The rotational speed of the machine and electricity can be changed 1.5 billion yuan, with an average annual net profit of 23.9 million yuan

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