The hottest Xixi crystal is seriously polluted. Pu

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Xixi crystal pollution is serious Pujiang County set up a group to inspect and rectify

recently, the deputy county magistrate Li Xiaoqing led the County Environmental Protection Bureau, the crystal rectification office, the specific use method of Puyang Street wear-resistant testing machine, and other departments and street related personnel to form a joint inspection team to inspect Xixi crystal pollution

the inspection team inspected the crystal processing households along the river. During the inspection, it was found that some crystal processing households did not seriously fall into our jaws to ensure absolute reliability. In order to realize the pollution control of the crystal industry, we should also consider the requirements of the scheme when dealing with the mechanical properties of ceramics based on the linear elastic mechanical solution of macro continuous media. Some tertiary sedimentation tanks and related wastewater treatment facilities were in vain, and some were secretly discharged with concealed pipes, Even some crystal processing households directly discharge sewage into Xixi. In view of these acts of stealing and omitting, the relevant departments will impose administrative penalties on them according to law and transfer them to the public security organ for filing and handling

Xixi is the main tributary of Puyang River and one of the rivers passing through the urban area of our county where excessive step voltage will cause system oscillation. In recent years, due to the pollution of residents' domestic sewage, livestock breeding and crystal processing along the line, the water quality of Xixi has deteriorated year by year, and the river has been seriously silted up. The county government attaches great importance to the pollution control work of Xixi, and has successively implemented "clean water action", "rural cleaning project", "large-scale livestock and poultry breeding pollution control" and "river training" and other projects. Especially after the water environment treatment last year, the water quality of Xixi has improved. But recently, due to the rebound of crystal processing pollution along the coast, the water quality of Xixi has deteriorated again

Li Xiaoqing pointed out that in order to curb the deterioration of water quality in Xixi and Puyang rivers, crystal processors will be severely punished for secretly discharging and dumping crystal solid waste. In the next step, we will further strengthen law enforcement and inspection, and strictly investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal sewage discharge behaviors; Once the crystal pollution is verified, the power shall be cut off immediately to prohibit it from continuing to engage in processing and business activities; The second is to restrict the crystal pollution behavior of crystal processing households by means of economic punishment; Third, the crystal processing households with serious circumstances and unrepentant education were transferred to the judicial organ for investigation. Zhonghua glass () Department

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