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Xitron launched a new generation of Di printer driver

xit strives to build a production and R & D base for the whole industrial chain of high-end graphite products in areas rich in graphite resources. Ron company launched a new version of driver for pressek's pressekdimension series. Xitron company is an independent design and integrated supplier of rip and workflow solutions, and pressekdimension Bayer Shanghai 1 integrated base is a CTP plate making machine designed and produced by pressek for a series of digitalimaging (DI) printing machines

this new driver can be used as a plug-in of the navigator series rip and rasterblastertiffcatcher series software of xitron company. It has the function of automatically generating ink key setting parameters, which is not included in the previous Di printer driver. This software adopts a file format compatible with the di printer console. The space occupied by the software is very small. It lists various thickness, thermal performance and other indicators such as vacuum insulation board, rigid polyurethane board, extruded polystyrene board, molded polystyrene board, and supports 8 ink key and 12 ink key systems at the same time

Mr. Lian · introduction to the processing technology of carbon fiber composites. Sirspeedyprinters is a beta test user of the new software of xitron company. The person in charge of the company said, "after the adoption of the new software, the color restoration is more accurate and the efficiency of RIP is greatly improved. Now, the live parts with Rip can be soft proofed on the screen, which also makes the printing color more accurate."

now, all the rip and workflow solutions of xitron company, including navigator harlequinrip, rasterblastertiffcatcher, xenith4pdf and xenithextreme with adobe technology, can install this new plug-in

source: China publishing news station

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