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The current situation and development trend of Guangdong packaging industry (II)

II. The current situation and development trend of plastic packaging in Guangdong Province

1. The development status of plastic packaging

after more than 20 years of development, Guangdong plastic packaging has formed a certain scale if the workbench has been in the rising position, occupying a position second only to paper packaging in the packaging market, and its output value accounts for about 33% of the total output value of Guangdong packaging industry

there are about 2000 plastic packaging manufacturers in Guangdong Province, including about 600 film manufacturers; The stabilized voltage power supply and leakage protector must be installed on the power supply of silk rope spinning at the construction site. There are about 800 fabrics; 200 foamed plastic papers; 400 packing cases and other plastic containers. In particular, Foshan Oriental packaging materials company and DuPont Hongji packaging materials company have played a great role in the industry

2. Development trend of plastic flexible packaging

1) high function and low cost

high function, improving product quality and reducing costs are the needs of improving the competitiveness of commodities in the market economy, and they are also one of the main directions of the development of plastic packaging materials. In order to realize the demand of high function and low cost, the current development of plastic packaging material production has the following characteristics:

① comprehensive application of various composite methods

a. the combination of multi-layer coextrusion process and stretching film making process

through this combination, the processing of compounding and stretching can be completed once in the production line, which can reduce the product cost, or improve the product quality and reduce the production cost at the same time

b, multi-layer coextrusion combined with dry method

use multi-layer coextrusion to produce heat sealing substrate with UPE/LDPE structure, and then use dry compounding process with other substrates, such as bearing or barrier substrate, and use MPE as heat cover to improve heat sealing performance; LDPE is used as the main layer to reduce costs. This multi-layer heat sealing substrate has been used in the packaging of shampoo and other products, significantly reducing the damage rate without increasing the production cost

② improvement of production process and equipment

through scientific and technological innovation, improving production processes and equipment is of positive significance for improving the quality of plastic packaging products and reducing costs

for example, in the multi-layer coextrusion blown film unit, the top rotation, that is, the adoption of the device on the basis of different fixtures, can significantly improve the flatness of the film; The cooling device in the bubble tube can improve the product quality and production speed at the same time, and reduce the production cost; The surface pretreatment of the film before aluminum evaporation can greatly improve the fastness of the evaporation coating and produce a high barrier plastic packaging substrate

③ development and application of new raw materials

the development and application of new plastic varieties is an important aspect of the development of plastic packaging materials, especially after the industrial production of metallocene polyethylene, its application in the heat sealing layer of plastic packaging materials has a good performance price ratio, and the effect is very significant. In recent years, in the development and application of new raw materials, it is worth noting that bimodal polyethylene, polyethylene alcohol coated polyethylene film, polyethylene alcohol coated polypropylene film, evaporated aluminum type PET film, evaporated aluminum type OPP film, evaporated silicon oxide type PET film and evaporated silicon oxide type OPP film are also noteworthy

2) green packaging is developing rapidly

green packaging should have three basic conditions at the same time, namely, safety, sanitation, environmental protection adaptability and resource conservation. In recent years, in the field of plastic packaging, green packaging has made significant progress, mainly in the following aspects

① production process with good adaptability to environmental protection. Cleaner production, in particular, is becoming more and more popular in the industry. The production process of substances can replace the dry composite process that has a great impact on the environment. For example, solvent-free compounding, coextrusion compounding, extrusion compounding and other processes are used to replace the dry compounding process. Production of plastic packaging materials: good progress has also been made in the development and research of using vacuum evaporation to produce high barrier packaging composite substrates containing aluminum plating layer, aluminum plating layer and silicon oxide layer, and reducing the consumption of aluminum materials

② the application of raw materials and auxiliary materials with good adaptability to environmental protection is increasing. The application of dry compounding water-based adhesive, alcohol solvent ink, high concentration polyurethane adhesive, and the manufacturing of high barrier flexible packaging substrate by coating with PVA and modified PVA solution

3) the application field of plastic packaging materials is expanding

plastic flexible packaging materials have the advantages of less consumption of raw materials, low cost, and easy to carry and use, so they have strong market competitiveness, especially when using plastic bags to replace hollow packaging containers. In recent years, the successful development of plastic flexible packaging bags with specific functions has made many commodities that have been packaged in bottles before, such as annual milk, soy sauce, vinegar, Baisha, drugs and pesticides, have been partially replaced by plastic packaging

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