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The current situation and development trend of gravure printing industry in China (1)

with the continuous development of market economy, especially the rapid development of food, beverage, cigarette, medicine, health products, cosmetics, washing products, clothing and other industries, the demand for gravure printing is increasing. With the demand of higher and higher quality requirements, gravure printing has developed rapidly in China. At present, the market share of various printing methods in China has changed significantly: offset printing accounts for 42%, gravure printing accounts for 22%, embossment printing accounts for 20%, flexographic printing accounts for 8%, and other printing accounts for 8%. Gravure printing has become the second largest printing branch after offset lithography, and it is the main printing method of packaging printing

general situation of gravure printing industry in China

gravure printing is mainly used in three fields abroad: Publishing and printing industry such as magazines and product catalogs, commodity packaging and printing industry, and special-purpose fields dominated by negotiable securities such as banknotes and stamps and decorative materials. Gravure printing accounts for 30% - 40% of the market share in the magazine and catalogue printing market, 35% - 45% in the packaging printing market, and 25% in the book printing market

the research of GfK Market Research Institute in Germany shows that in the field of publishing and packaging printing, gravure printing takes priority over other printing methods to occupy the main market share for most well-known magazines and brand products. As James siever, Secretary General of the European gravure Association, said: gravure printing, as a printing process, has always maintained its unique high-grade and high-quality, which is the main reason why it can become the leading printing process of magazines, product catalogs and packaging products. Many well-known magazines in Germany, such as Spiegel, focus and stern, are printed in intaglio. The IKEA catalogue with a worldwide circulation of more than 130million is also printed in intaglio. Although the competition between gravure printing, offset printing and flexographic printing is still fierce, it is also an indisputable fact that gravure printing has recaptured part of the market while maintaining its inherent market

in China, gravure printing is currently mainly used in the latter two fields, namely packaging printing and special printing. Packaging printing applications are mainly concentrated in the two fields of flexible packaging and folding cartons. The product range is very wide, such as cigarette labels, wine labels, various food and beverage packaging, maternal and child health products packaging, grain and seed packaging, and so on. It mainly shows the following characteristics

1. Gravure printing enterprises have a large scale and a large number of employees

according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 5000 flexible packaging gravure printing plants in China, mainly food packaging printing; There are more than 200 folding carton gravure printing plants, most of which have gravure printing production lines, and there are more than 50 gravure printing production lines in Yunnan Province alone

special fields include many aspects, mainly wood grain paper and decorative printing. There are more than 200 domestic woodgrain paper and decorative printing plants, and BASF company of Germany connects Jilin's biodegradable material industry (Guangdong and Jiangsu are the largest, among which there are more than 50 printing plants of a certain scale). There are also some securities (such as banknotes, stamps) and lottery printing plants, with a total of more than 20

among many gravure printing enterprises, China's flexible packaging material production base (Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park), including 16 production enterprises such as Shenda, Jiangsu Shenlong entrepreneurship and Nanjing Zhongda film making enterprise groups, has formed a production scale with an annual output of 130000 tons of various plastic packaging substrates and color printing composite flexible packaging, and is the largest export packaging production base in China. There are 1700 employees in the park. In 2002, the sales revenue was 20. At this time, the display may show 0.0 (± 1.0 is the allowable value) billion yuan. In addition, a large number of enterprises, such as Shanghai Zijiang, Dalian Dafu, Zhongshan Dafu, Shanghai white cat, Shanghai Hezhong, Beijing Debao shangsan, Wuxi Cathay Pacific, baobai group, Zhejiang adier, Yunnan Qiaotong, Lianyungang Zhongjin, Shantou Dongfeng, Shenzhen Jinjia, Tianjin dingzheng, Guilian, Yunnan Yuxi, are relatively good in both product quality and economic benefits, and develop relatively fast. Dalian Dafu Plastic Color Printing Co., Ltd. has 10 gravure printing production lines, with sales of 500million yuan in 2003. Its products include milk powder packaging, shampoo packaging, food bags, cooking bags, washing powder bags, underwear bags, etc

the field of flexible packaging gravure printing is basically domestic private enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises, and generally it is completely market-oriented operation. The main body of cigarette bag gravure printing field is Sino foreign joint ventures, and domestic private enterprises are rapidly expanding and penetrating. The field of decorative printing is basically the same as that of soft packaging gravure printing. However, in the field of folding carton gravure printing, the proportion of foreign capital and domestic private capital is increasing. On the whole, private enterprises have become the main body of investment, and the industry operation is close to complete marketization

there are also a considerable number of gravure plate making manufacturers. More than 20 gravure plate making companies such as Yuncheng, Seiko and Toyo laser have successively introduced more than 650 electronic engraving machines from abroad (among which Yuncheng plate making group has about 400) and about 10 sets of laser engraving systems, which are mainly used for the production of plastic gravure plate cylinders and cigarette bag gravure plate cylinders, which can basically meet the plate making needs of domestic gravure enterprises

the plastic film industry has adopted the most advanced production equipment in the world at present. There are about 100 production lines of biaxial stretching equipment alone, and the output of plastic film has been able to meet the current domestic demand

there are also a considerable number of gravure ink and adhesive manufacturers, including some of the most famous manufacturers in the world, and some small and medium-sized enterprises continue to join them. According to industry estimates, there are more than 200 gravure ink manufacturers in China

overall 1. According to the technical requirements of springs, the total number of enterprises in gravure printing and related industries in China exceeds 7000

pa)、 polycarbonate (carbon 2. Gravure printing equipment comes from a wide range of sources, with a large span of technical level

in the field of flexible packaging gravure printing, in addition to a large number of domestic equipment, there are also medium and high-end equipment imported from Japan, South Korea, Italy and Germany, as well as world-class gravure printing equipment from Europe. Cigarette bag gravure printing basically adopts imported equipment, mainly from Italian ceroody, Swiss boster, France chambang, Australia gold printing and other companies, as well as a small amount of the United States Gravure printing equipment in, Germany and other countries. A few cigarette bag printing plants have also introduced the world's most advanced cigarette bag gravure printing equipment. So far, China has introduced more than 500 gravure production lines (including gravure printing equipment imported from Taiwan Province), many of which have reached the international advanced level. More than 4000 domestic gravure printing machines, large and small, have also been put into use

according to statistics, at present, the total number of gravure machine manufacturers in China is more than 70, and the vast majority are web gravure machine manufacturers. The main manufacturers include Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Xi'an Aerospace Huayang printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd., Shanzhang Light Industry Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Huaying flexible packaging equipment General Factory, Ningbo Xinda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., etc. There are also a few sheet fed gravure machine manufacturers, such as Beijing zhenhenri Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ziming Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hairun Machinery Co., Ltd., etc

the scale of domestic gravure machine manufacturers varies greatly, ranging from annual sales of less than 2million yuan to annual sales of about 200million yuan. In general, gravure machine manufacturing enterprises vary in size, but the product types are similar. According to incomplete statistics, the annual production and sales of domestic gravure printing machines of various grades and specifications exceed 500 sets. In recent years, the manufacturing level and printing speed of domestic gravure printing equipment have been significantly improved. Zhongshan Songde and Shaanxi beiren have launched web gravure printing machines with a maximum speed of 300 meters/minute. Some of the flexible packaging gravure printing machines, laminating machines, coating machines, slitting machines and other equipment have been close to the level of similar products in Japan, and the compatibility has also been significantly enhanced

in addition, there are a considerable number of gravure machine auxiliary equipment and component manufacturers that continue to be added. These manufacturers can provide tension control system, alignment control system, deviation correction device, image viewer, corona treatment device, ESA, rubber roller, die cutting equipment and cutting tools. Generally speaking, almost all auxiliary devices of gravure printing equipment are produced by domestic manufacturers

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